About Dexus Convenience Retail REIT

Dexus Convenience Retail REIT is a listed Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (AREIT) which owns a portfolio of convenience retail assets located in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria. 

Dexus Convenience Retail REIT provides investors with:

  • An attractive and defensive distribution yield backed by long term leases to high quality tenants

  • A weighted average lease expiry (by income) of 9.3 years as at 31 December 2023

  • A portfolio diversified by geography and tenant

  • Significant growth opportunity through contracted annual rent increases in all leases and a targeted acquisition strategy and

  • Access to the people and capabilities of Dexus

How to invest

Dexus Convenience Retail REIT is quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange (DXC) under the following code:

Listed property fund ASX Code
Dexus Convenience Retail REIT DXC

To invest in this Fund, you can purchase securities through a stockbroker or online broking facility. If you need assistance in setting up an account to trade, you may wish to refer to ASX Customer Service on 131 279 or visit their website.

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