Dexus 2023 Annual General Meeting

25 October 2023

Dexus 2023 Annual General Meeting  

Dexus held its 2023 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 25 October 2023.

If you were unable to attend the meting, a recording of the meeting is available below for your convenience.

Results of the meeting

In accordance with Listing Rule 3.13.2 and section 251AA of the Corporations Act, Dexus advises the outcome of each resolution put to the Annual General Meeting held on 25 October 2023.

Resolution 1 relating to the Remuneration Report was not passed, and as more than 25% of the votes were cast against Resolution 1, this constitutes a first strike for the purposes of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

The following resolutions were passed on a poll:

Resolution 2 - FY24 grant of long-term incentive performance rights to the Chief Executive Officer

Resolution 3.1 - Approval of an Independent Director – Paula Dwyer

Resolution 3.2 - Approval of an Independent Director – Rhoda Phillippo

The full results of the meeting is available to download here 


2023 Dexus online AGM

2023 Notice of Meeting

2023 Annual Report

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Quick information

AGM registration

  • In person: registration commences at 1:30pm at Quay Quarter Tower, Level 20, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Virtually: join the online AGM platform at least 15 minutes prior to the AGM commencing at 2.00pm

Login virtually to the AGM

  • Provide your full name, email address and company (if applicable)

Voting at the AGM virtually

  • To register to vote via the online AGM platform, click on 'Get a Voting Card' and enter your SRN/HIN and postcode to be verified as a Security holder
  • Proxyholders will need to provide their Proxy number issued by Link (issued by email 24 hours prior to the meeting)

Questions at the AGM:

  • Security holders and proxyholders can ask questions at the AGM, attending either physically or virtually
  • If attending the AGM virtually, a conference call telephone line is available. Please contact Link on 1800 990 363 or +612 9189 8867 before 2.00pm on Friday 20 October 2023 to obtain a PIN to enable you to ask questions on the conference call
  • Alternatively use the ‘Ask a Question’ box on the online AGM platform

Contact us:

  • For help throughout the meeting, contact our Infoline +61 1800 819 675

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