Vertex - 311 South Street Marsden Park

Flexible warehouse solutions

Excellent access and exposure

1km from future
town centre

Q4 2024 completion

A premium office and warehouse solution in one of Australia’s fastest-growing regions. 

Vertex will offer two build-to-lease warehouses comprising 8 units, with flexibility to combine. Warehouses can be designed to your exact specifications in collaboration with Dexus – a trusted partner with a proven track record and strong sustainability focus. 

Located in Sydney’s North West Priority Growth Area, Vertex is strategically located to capitalise on future transport networks and residential growth, ensuring unrivalled connectivity, access to a growing skilled labour force, and e-commerce opportunities. Planned infrastructure upgrades will seamlessly connect Vertex to the future Outer Sydney Orbital corridor, which plans to include a north-south motorway and freight rail line.

Jack Marples

Property and Leasing enquiries

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