Distribution Components

Dexus Core Infrastructure Fund

Distribution Components (12-H) for non-residents

Click on the links below to download the distribution components* for Dexus Core Infrastructure Fund.

All Years


*AMP Capital's real estate and domestic infrastructure equity business has been acquired by Dexus. AMP Capital branding will remain on documents created and distributed prior to the acquisition. 

Dexus Falcon Pty Limited is licensed to use the AMP Capital trade marks by AMP Limited. AMP Limited announced the sale of AMP Capital’s real estate and domestic infrastructure equity business to Dexus Funds Management Ltd on 27 April 2022. Dexus Falcon Pty Limited and its products and services are not affiliated with, guaranteed by or endorsed by AMP Limited. 

Dexus Capital Funds Management Limited (ABN 15 159 557 721, AFSL 426455) (“DCFM”) is the responsible entity of the Dexus Core Infrastructure Fund (“Fund”) and the issuer of the units in the Fund. DCFM is a member of a group owned by Dexus Funds Management Limited as responsible entity of Dexus Property Trust and Dexus Operations Trust (“Dexus”).

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